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Crizal PreVencia

Protecting your eyes from UV and Blue-Violet light can prevent premature aging of your eyes.  Swing Optical is proud to offer Crizal Prevencia Coating on all of our lenses.  

UV and Blue-Violet light are present everywhere no matter the weather or place.  Blue-Violet light is present in LED and fluorescent light sources can be found in most modern devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones etc.

Crizal Prevencia Coating prevents premature aging of your eyes by selectively filtering out harmful light.  It reduces Blue-Violet light exposure significantly increasing retinal cell survival and protects from UV Rays 25 times more than the naked eye.  It is the most complete UV Protection on a clear lens.

This coating preserves your overall well-being by allowing essential visible light pass though.

Crizal Prevencia Coating provides optimal clarity of vision and durable transparency by offering the most complete protection against glare, scratches, smudges. dust and water.

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